Braai'd Banana with Cointreau Liqueur, Chocolate Sauce and Pistachio Ice Cream


  • 1 Large Banana per person
  • 25ml Cointreau Liquor per Banana
  • Chocolate Sauce
  • Pistachio Ice cream

Cooking Instructions

  • Make a medium fire.
  • Place the Bananas whole and unpeeled indirectly on the fire.

Pro Tip: The slower the Bananas braai, the longer they will retain their colour.

  • When the Bananas are soft and warm through-out, place them on direct heat, lie them on their “backs” and make a long slice in the middle of the Banana. Push in from the sides to create a boat shape and fill with a shot of Cointreau.
  • The alcohol should catch fire – let it burn out and then let the Cointreau warm through.
  • Place on a plate, dish up the ice cream and sprinkle with chocolate sauce.