Fire Roasted Salmon with Smoked Potato Salad

We decided to do flame grilled salmon this week, a little bit of indulgence. We paired this with a potato salad – a staple in Germany. The recipes may differ regionally, but as we want to bring you the best of German and South African cuisine, we chose a typically South African potato salad to enjoy with our salmon.

We recommend a Pinot Gris to go with the salmon and potato salad – from the winery Krebs in the Pfalz. They describe their 2020 Pinto Gris as “slightly smoky nose, subtle fruit, almond blossoms; white peach and pear on the palate; harmonious acidity with a melting finish and good length; great food companion.” You will not be disappointed.

Flammlachs / Fire Roasted Salmon


  • 2 x 750g whole, filleted Salmon
  • 2 x Wooden boards
  • Olive oil
  • Your favourite fish spice
  • Sea Salt & freshly ground black Pepper
  • 1 tsp Crushed Garlic

Cooking Instructions

  • Lay the wooden boards in water at least 24hrs before you want to braai the Salmon. The boards need enough time to soak in the water to ensure that they do not catch fire themselves and ruin the meal.

  • Lay the Salmon on the wooden boards, skinside down. Rub Olive Oil over the fish and then rub the spices and garlic into the Salmon.

  • Screw down the fish as per the attached pictures. I got these boards as a gift, but am very happy with them so far.

  • Make a medium fire and then attach the boards to the sides of the braai, making sure the thickest part of the fish is at the top and leaning over the fire to catch the heat.

  • Braai the Salmon until done to taste.

  • Pro Tipp: The lower the heat the longer it will take. However, if you make the fire too hot, then you will still burn your wooden boards

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