We kicked BraaiZeit off with an amazing offer in our last newsletter, combining the best of Germany and South Africa and offering you a phenomenal opportunity to not only acquire some rare wine, but also to give back while doing so.

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Do whatever you need to do to become the proud owner of these rare bottles! In line with the BraaiZeit ethos of building a Community, the funds raised will be going to a very worthy cause.

We as the community of Braaizeit want to show our humanity. UBUNTU “I am, because you are”.

In our last newsletter, we gave you a glimpse of us with Maximilian and Philipp Petri at the Petri Winery. We also shared with you that we have a limited number of bottles of Petri Braaizeit Edition 1 – Der Grundstein.

The first of these went into the Founders Auction Package and we now want to offer you all a taste of this limited edition Pinot Blanc

Today you have the unique opportunity to become a Founding Member of the BraaiZeit family!

There are no costs to becoming a member and there never will be. We live by the ethos that if we can braai with you, we can work with you. You are the people whom we want to build this Community with, and we have exciting plans for our Founding Members.

We have limited the number of boxes (and therefore Founding Members) to 50. Each case is a reflection of our individual tastes and heritages and will whet your appetite for this journey that we are embarking on together. The packages are described in more detail at the link below.

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Between 130 and 250 metres above sea level, the Petri vines grow on 21 hectares around Herxheim am Berg, the highest location on the German wine route. The vines produce excellent wine on the south facing slopes in the lee of the Haardt Mountains. 14 Generations of grape cultivation and viticulture in the Palatinate. Today multiple generations work together harmoniously to produce wines that meet the high standards of the Petri Family.

In our 50 launch packages we have different combinations of exciting wines. All packages contain some fresh, summer drinking, Petri Pinot Blanc. For those of you who missed out on the amazing De Trafford Plan B offer last year, we brought in a few extra bottles and there is one bottle in every package. Every now and again Niels also opens his cellar door and we get a peek inside. Soon we will invite you to follow us on Social Media, where we will give you a “#PeekBehindTheCellarDoor”. It is however not often that he lets go of his treasures and for what is probably the last time in a while, we have put a few more CWG bottles in some of the packages below. These beautiful wines are also not widely available and reflect the best that the South African wine industry has to offer.